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Temple City Students visit Sister City Hawkesbury, Australia

By Jerry Jambazian

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Temple City –

On Thursday, August 1st, we got on a bus with the Japanese students & set out on our two-day trip to Australia’s capital city, Canberra. The drive was about three hours long, so we kept ourselves entertained by telling stories, joking around and laughing with the Japanese exchange students. When we arrived, we were all so excited to see the famous sites. We first visited the Parliament House (equivalent to our White House) and saw how the Australian government worked.

After the Parliament House, we went to the War Memorial where we learned about past wars Australians have participated in and saw the memorials of the lives lost in the wars. Also at the Memorial, we learned about a man named Bruce Brown who wanted the people of all countries to get along. We found that to be interesting because that is what the sister city association strives for as well. Mr. Brown was instrumental in organizing the Hawkesbury Sister City Association. To finish the night, we went up to Telstar Tower where we were able to see all of Canberra. Although it was freezing, the view was totally worth being cold.

The next morning we set out to visit the National Museum of Australia and Questacon (a science center). At both places, we were able to learn about some of Australia’s culture & how the country came to be. At Questacon, there were amazing interactive exhibits such as a “free fall slide” and “360 swing.” which some of us went on.

After our trip to Canberra, we returned to the Hawkesbury and got ready for our visit to St. Windsor Primary School. At the school, kids from kindergarten to year 6 sang and danced for us.  We even joined in for a little bit of bush dancing! They were all extremely adorable and the staff was very friendly as well. We had morning tea with the staff where Tim Tams (delicious chocolate biscuits), vegemite sandwiches, and other Aussie goodies were served.

Following our trip to the primary school, we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park, where we saw all of the different animals Australia has. We saw and were able to pet Australia’s finest koalas, kangaroos, emus, dingoes, wombats, and wallaby’s. (That’s only a few of the animals we saw too!) We finished the day by buying plenty of souvenirs at the park’s shop.

We are definitely looking forward to going back to our various schools, our trip to the Blue Mountains this Thursday, and learning how to bush dance Friday! We would just like to thank the Sister City Association, for allowing us to have this amazing opportunity to visit such a great country. We are really enjoying ourselves and are having a great time with our families and other exchange students. We cannot wait to make many more memories on our future trips!

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Temple City Students visit Sister City Hawkesbury, Australia