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By Ashley Lanuza

Ashley Lanuza,contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

By Ashley Lanuza

In its most basic form, life is a huge balance scale. We must balance our diet, our sleeping habits, and our daily routines. Most importantly, we should balance our happiness. My religious education teaches me to serve others. Obviously, I translate that in doing whatever I can to please others, and sometimes, I forget to take into account my own satisfaction. However, I realize that I gradually became unhappy because I would easily bend for other peoples’ whims. I need a change. So, I know there are a variety of people who have said to do what makes you happy. When I try to apply this into my own life, I find that I frequently make others irritated or upset. I was ignorant of other people; my actions to achieve happiness were too blunt and too harsh. In short, I am struggling to find the balance of making myself and others content.

After some reflection, I realize that I have to find the equilibrium of my happiness and the happiness of others. My actions should reflect my personal preference without harming other people. Instead of, for example, consuming copious amounts of food, I should take only a healthy amount and leave the rest for other people. My happiness is gained because I have the amount of food that I need to sustain my hunger while keeping me healthy by not overeating. The others are happy because they have food to also consume.

The world revolves neither around our personal happiness nor the happiness of the people around us. To be in harmony with both the world and our personal preference, we must take time to find the answer to just actions. Making the right choices, taking every single aspect into consideration, is necessary. We should always consider if what we do gives happiness to ourselves and the people who care about us.

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