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STUDENT CORNER – Your Own Expectations

By Ashley Lanuza

Ashley Lanuza,contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

By Ashley Lanuza

For six months in 2011, Gaby Rodriguez faked her pregnancy throughout most of her senior year. According to NBC News, she wore an artificial bulge that only her mother, boyfriend, and principal actually knew about. After the agonizing six months and a half, Gaby scheduled a school assembly to reveal her experiment. Before revealing her idea, she had a variation of students and teachers read out loud quotes people said during the experiment. As to be expected, there were many hurtful words said to her. Gaby’s friends turned against her, giving her what was one of the most stressful times in her life. Her point in the project was to understand what it was like to be a pregnant teen.

Gaby’s experiment raised many speculations in its duration, which showcases a terrible phenomenon: stereotypes and rumors. Most of our lives are centered around expectations on other nationalities and tales. We believe stories that may or may not be true, only because the majority accepts them. Though community thought is always encouraged, we need more individual thought in our lives. We should listen to our own morals, not the beliefs of society. Don’t tune into the opinions of the “majority,” but listen to your own morals and beliefs, because what you believe in is the most important thing in your world.

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