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El Monte resident attends 75th Anniversary of the Fair Labor Standards Act Conference

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This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Fair Labor Standards Act, the law that established a national minimum wage. Commemorating this important anniversary the White House held a conversation hosted by Vice President Biden with minimum wage workers from across the country including El Monte’s own William Fletcher, 24, who talked about the positive impact an increase on the minimum wage would have in his everyday life and his community. “The increase in the minimum wage would go back to our communities. It has the potential to reduce crime and increase education, “Fletcher said. “It should be a priority as individuals and as a  community, and I think it should be more important to our country.” During the discussion, workers talked about the economic hardships they face and how they would benefit from an increase of the minimum wage on basic needs like groceries, car repairs and their children.  A minimum wage increase “ripples all through the economy,” Biden said, benefitting the country as a whole as those workers spend their additional income on necessities such as food and utility bills.

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