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La Puente rings in Summer with Another Summer Art Show June 15, 2013

By Christopher Luke Trevilla and Sal Gomez

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When asked about the change in seasons, and the coming of summer, Nuvein President and San Gabriel Valley poet, Christopher (Chris) Trevilla states, “Summer brings out the restless in us all, it forces us to recreate ourselves. Summer makes art of us all in this way.”

As Memorial Day weekend looms over Southern California many communities prepare for a summer season full of festivals, live music events, barbecues, beach days, and a time for carefree family fun. In Old Town La Puente, the partnership of local business, artists, educators, performers, civic leadership, and charitable organizations promise to ring in the summer with another edition of the increasingly popular La Puente Art Walk.

The Nuvein Foundation for Literature and the Arts, an El Monte based arts organization, began organizing of the community arts event in the winter of 2011. The Foundation and the La Puente community launched the event, Un Poquito Mas Arte, as a quarterly art walk series in February 2012.  When asked about its success, Chris Trevilla is quick to point out, “The La Puente Art walk began as a project of the Nuvein Foundation, a project in which the combination of community, business, civic leadership would be immersed and familiarized with the rich local arts community in their midst. The end of this project was to allow Old Town La Puente to be reinvented by the arts, with direct input and involvement by all members of the La Puente community”.

Now in it’s second year, the La Puente Art Walk promises to showcase artists, performers, custom cars, live music, vendors, and much more for the upcoming June 15th, 2013 edition.

The June La Puente Art Walk will host over 7 different art spaces and galleries, as well as vendor bazaar of artisans and crafts traders. Among the art exhibitions will be a photography show at the ViP Café, a California Car Culture themed art and music show at Tic Tac Restaurant, an art show showcasing reinventions and reinterpretations of classic rock album covers at the RiT Gallery & Center, a graffiti art and reggae and underground music  inspired show at GQ Cuts, an art show featuring educators across various districts in Southern California, a group art show and rock memorabilia at Vinyl Saurs Records, a crop and shop workshop at Scrapbook Café, a live street performance area called the Poet’s Corner inspired by the Venice Boardwalk, and over 50 vendors of fine arts, crafts, and custom creations.

The La Puente Art Walk is scheduled for June 15th, 2013 from 4pm to 12am, in Old Town La Puente, along Main Street, from Glendora Ave. to 3rd Street. For more details on the event, visit the La Puente Art Walk Facebook page or e-mail Chris Trevilla of the Nuvein Foundation at



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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
La Puente rings in Summer with Another Summer Art Show June 15, 2013