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By Ashley Lanuza

Ashley Lanuza,contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

By Ashley Lanuza

Rhythm 0 Experiment

and Its Effect on Us

In 2010, performing artist Marina Abramovic did the most daring act in her career. Her experiment, the “Rhythm 0 Experiment,” was to primarily test the limits between the artist and the public’s relationship. Sitting on a chair, Marina stayed in her spot for six hours straight with a table of various items ranging from ordinary to violent. On the table were seventy-two objects she allowed anyone to use to manipulate her body and actions. In the beginning, the crowd was hesitant and modest. Then, they proceeded to hurt her in various ways. After the excruciating six hours, Marina got up and walked away. Expecting a confrontation, people scattered and left the scene.

Marina’s brave movement opened the doors to society’s problem, namely, bullying. “And to see how the public really lose control- that’s kind of frightening,” Marina relayed to What she did is a prime example of how primitive humanity can become when faced with freedom and no control. Furthermore, it is an extreme model of what happens when people are silent about bullying. We are taught to “just ignore it” and “keep quiet” when we are being hurt. However, that is not the answer for bullying. As shown by Marina with a “mature” audience, her silence was not golden. Her silence was the red hue sprouting from her neck and the salty tears of that horrific event. One cannot stay quiet in the face of purposeful pain! Yet confrontation is not a good response for bullying either. As Marina stood up to leave, the audience ran away to “escape confrontation.” They dispersed in fear, but fear can grow to hatred and anger, and in the case of bullying, that would not be a positive result. Primarily, it should be noted that neither silence nor confrontation are the answers. Well, bullying can be stopped in many ways, but it is really up to the victims and how they’ll handle it. Marina Abramovic gives us more than her self-freeing experience. She gives us useful anecdotes created to be analyzed and discussed to free ourselves from the pain that can be inflicted by society.

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