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By Yesenia Melgar

Yesenia Melgar, contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

By Yesenia Melgar


It will officially be summer on June 21, 2013, and just imagine what the temperatures will be! It’s the perfect time to go swimming, or hang out at the beach with our friends causing mayhem, and enjoying one another as many of us will be moving on to a fast paced year. Either way, we are going to be attracted to wherever there is water and loud music.

This summer may find you in a transition from teenager to an adult. Yes, I am speaking to those juniors who will become seniors in a matter of weeks. Soon the high school era will end and the beginning of college will lead many to a new state, or even country. So this summer is going to be our last time as teens, and then it all begins to move in fast motion.

Summer to many of us will involve summer school, a job, or maybe both. Either way we will still find time for our friends. Whether it will be keeping cool at the mall, or at a pool party, the summer will bring many adventures our way. Keep it together for only four more weeks, then schools out and we progress to another stage in our lives.

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