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Payne School Fifth Grader Earns 1000 Accelerated Reader Points

By Michele Earle

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El Monte

Payne Elementary School sixth grader, Mineda Tour’s passion for books, and love of reading has catapulted her to the head of her school as she earned 1000 Accelerated Reader points in the school’s Accelerated Reader (AR) program.

AR is a successful reading product from Renaissance Learning that is widely used in schools throughout the nation.  All schools in the Mountain View School District utilize the highly effective, motivational reading program.  The program requires students to select books at their appropriate reading level and read them at their own pace.  After completing the book students take computerized quizzes which assess reading practice, vocabulary practice, literacy skills and comprehension.  AR points are given for each successfully completed quiz.

“I’ve always liked to read and since I was 4-years-old I have asked my mom for books to read,” said Mineda.  “My favorite types of books are adventure and mystery.  I really like the Warrior Cat series by Erin Hunter.”

Mineda’s teacher, Anamarie Williams is very proud of her for this great achievement.

“Mineda is an avid reader and great role model for other students,” said Williams. “She set her goal of earning 1000 AR points early in the school year and she worked hard to reach that goal.  We are very proud of her and happy to celebrate her achievement.”

To earn the 1000 AR points Mineda read 100 books with an average of 300 pages each in seven months.

“I read every day,” said Mineda.  “On the weekends I can read for hours and hours and finish a whole book, but during the week the amount of time I can read depends on how much homework I have and the activities I have to go to.”

Mineda appreciates how reading has helped her in other academic subjects like writing.  She feels the many imaginative stories she’s read have helped boost her creativity and creative writing process.

“I encourage everyone to read!” said Mineda.  “It’s a great hobby and you can try different books like mystery, action or adventure.  There’s something for everyone and you can definitely find a book in a genre you’d like,” she said.

A special celebration was held to honor Mineda and her classmates who also achieved many AR points this school year.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Payne School Fifth Grader Earns 1000 Accelerated Reader Points