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Baker School Fifth Graders Host Harry Potter Inspired Quidditch Tournament

By Michele Earle

El Monte

–  Inspired by the popular Harry Potter books, fifth graders from Baker Elementary School in the Mountain View School District hosted the school’s First Annual Quidditch Tournament.  This school year the fifth graders in Celina Garcia’s class and Lorena Ledesma’s class were excited to read the first book of the Harry Potter Series.

     To celebrate their admiration for the book, the two classes participated in a Muggle Quidditch tournament, pitting the four houses of Hogwarts School against each other.  Teams included Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Slytherin and the matches were action packed with the chasers, beaters, snitches and keepers all running around the field to capture the victory.

     According to Ledesma, in the book the snitch is a flying ball and since they didn’t have a flying ball they used a human snitch who ran around the field trying to escape being captured by the players.

     “Quidditch is so much fun!” exclaimed Johnny.  “I like playing it and the book is really good too.”

     “The Harry Potter books are very interesting.  There are lots of mysteries in the story and it makes you want to keep reading and reading,” said Blanca.

“We are very excited to have this tournament for our students,” said Ledesma.  “They really love the book and this is a fun way to conclude our reading adventure with Harry Potter.”

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