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Honoring A Beloved Uncle and Fallen Soldier

By Jo Anne Disney

El Monte

While my uncle was in the war, he sustained a head injury from the butt end of a Japanese rifle. Doctors speculated that this injury led to brain cancer that had spread and ultimately led to the passing of Uncle Andy on April 10, 1955.

I honor my Uncle Andy on Memorial Day because even though I only have faint memories of him, my parents kept his spirit alive for me. I know he wanted me to be born on his birthday, January 6th, but I came a day early. I have inherited my love for writing from my Uncle Andy, and for that I will forever be grateful.

I visited his grave in San Diego at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on Cabrillo Memorial Drive.  As I laid my hand on his gravestone, tears welled up thinking about everything my uncle endured.  I only wished we had had more time together. Recently, while going through some old boxes at my mom’s house, I found a birthday card my mom had saved from my Uncle Andy for my second birthday, just three months before he died. He wrote on it, “I will love you always, Uncle Andy.”

So to all of the brave men and women, who have served our country, thank you. We honor your service to our country. And, to my Uncle Andy, “I will always love you.”

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