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Tyler Anderson, contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

By Tyler Anderson

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Making a Difference

Throughout high school and adulthood there are many challenges and we often don’t have the time to stop and think about the little things. They are often forgotten.

People forget how hard it is to be a child. It is important for young children to have older people to look up to. To me being a role model means being there for someone, having good morals, and having compassion for someone’s situation. If you’re someone’s role model, you have to teach them but also learn from them as well.

Being a good role model is very important to me because I love kids. I volunteer with kids 3 times a week and I have younger siblings. I pride myself on being there for them and being someone they aspire to be like. I would encourage everyone to be a mentor to at least one child because you could really change their lives. Knowing how big an impact you can have on someone should inspire people to help and to offer guidance and support. Everyone could be a role model to someone; it just starts with the willingness to make a difference.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.