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By Ashley Lanuza

Ashley Lanuza,contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

by Ashley Lanuza

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World Citizens

A simplistic Monday quickly turned into a controversy after the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon. After I heard the news, I was deeply saddened. Then, I went on the internet and found opinions of all types. The ones that caught my eye were the comments that screamed about the other explosions that took place on that same April day. That was when I realized that we were not alone in the day’s explosion. Sorry, I meant explosions, since there were more than just those at the Boston Marathon. There were others across the world. Do we forget that it is also happening every single day to other people in other countries? As writer Sian Boyle reported in the UK Huffington Post, “A coordinated series of bombs set off in a probable terrorist attack suddenly and unexpectedly killed people and wounded dozens. People lost limbs, blood stained the streets and chaos and carnage ensued. The bombs killed 33 people and wounded 160 more.” As I read this passage, I thought that her numbers were highly exaggerated. There were three people killed in Boston and more than a hundred injured. Then she wrote, “The bombs were in Iraq.”

As I scrolled through social networks, I saw that there were, not just bombings in Iraq and Boston, but also in Damascus, as the UK Huffington Post reported. Syrian air raids attacked the city on the same Monday. Three explosions occurred in a mere 24 hours around the world, yet only one is publicized and sympathized. I’m not implying I am a cold-hearted person, because I really do offer my genuine thoughts to the ones affected in Boston. It is a nationwide heartbreaker, indeed. But, as a person, a creature of the world, I ask you to not avert your eyes from the other parts of the world. We should be grateful explosions don’t occur here on a daily basis. Our hearts and thoughts should go out to those who go through this daily. You may be a Patriot, an American, mixed American, or whatever you consider yourself to be, but just don’t forget you’re also a person of the world. That means, as a living and thinking creature, you are entitled to care for your fellow humans. Never think that America is the only world. It’s your visual and physical world, of course, but across the mountains and seas, we have people just like us. We have people of origin and of thinking. No story is better than the other, no one is better than the other person, and no life is superior to another. We are all equal, deserving the same respect and awareness. Don’t forget your fellow Americans, but, most importantly, never forget mankind.

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