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Enjoy a short Spring Break to San Felipe, Baja California

by Melissa Rocha

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Baja, California

If you have the type of personality that loves nature, traveling far from home to have a escape from the everyday routine, than perhaps San Felipe Baja California might be the right place for a short excursion. It is crossing the border so don’t forget to purchase passports before leaving town. Take comfortable spring clothing and if you haven’t yet bought the latest swimming wear is time to go shopping. Since San Felipe has a gorgeous beach, and if you reserve a condo with anticipation at the Luxury San Felipe Mexico Golf Course Condo Sunday- Thursday the prices per night for 2 bed room, 2 bathroom, living room, kitchen and parking space is only $110.00. You can add an additional bedroom for only $10.00.

 Luxury San Felipe is located on the (Federal Road South/ Mexicali) “Carretera Federal S/ Mexicali – San Felipe Baja California, Mexico.” I can almost hear reader’s voices asking them-self’s “What is so fun and different that can be found at San Felipe that is not found at nearby beaches in California?” Tell you a few details of my recent trip to San Felipe which most definitely can answer your questions. In order to have fun drive all the way to San Felipe so alert if you have an extreme fear of heights you will not like the curves, and hills that are necessary to past through to get to your destiny. It is more than six hours away but, their places to stop by and have delicious Mexican antojitos (snacks).

DSC_0459webIn Tijuana stop by to buy some tasty appetizers such as, the most famous Tostilocos served in layered with salsa Verde-flavored. Tostitos corn chips and topped with other items, as smooth jicama, pickled pig skins and thickset tamarind candies. The chips are crisp, the toppings are soft, and the flavors seem to be sweet, hot and salty. Second stop must be Ensenada. Take a few minutes to stretch and enjoy the closest view of the Pacific Ocean, feel the delicate breeze touching your skin and breathe the fresh air.

Take a camera to remember the best moments. If you’re looking for the plate most consume in Ensenada Mariscos sea food. Ensenada contains the best flavor. One of the places I can specially recommend is LONCHERA: “LOS CAMACHO” located Boulevard Costero Fracc. Acapulco. The plate most served Burritos of Marlin with Flour tortilla. Is a type of fish called Marlin and is marinated with tomatoes, onions, chopped chilito, salt & pepper and served in a flour tortilla hand made. It is also located in the direction that is necessary to cross to take the road up to San Felipe.

Arriving at San Felipe first thing to do get a place where to enjoy the wonders of nature at the San Felipe beach, there will be Palapas palm roofs to protect from the hard sun. I was hosted at the Luxury San Felipe and our rented condos contain 3 bedrooms. We were allowed to use the pool facility, bar, tennis courts, golf course and reserved spots to the beach. The best about San Felipe driving 15 minutes more to the center. Walk around inquisitiveness and more food delights. Get to hear the Mexican music and no I do not mean rancheras I am talking about the sounds of the mariachis instruments.

DSC_0437webThe next day if the beach is not what you’re looking for because you’re adventurous. Drive up to El Valle De Los Gigantes and wear sporting clothes. There will be only the biggest Flora and fauna around you if you want to see more there is a Ranch called Punta Estrella but only 4×4 cars are allowed to go up if you try going on a 2×2 there is risk to get stuck in something similar to the middle of the dessert.

These have been San Felipe an adventure to get up the hill and even bigger getting down. If interested on the Luxury San Felipe reservation you can call 1 (661) 332-6914.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Enjoy a short Spring Break to San Felipe, Baja California