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Tyler Anderson, contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

By Tyler Anderson

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Random Acts of Kindness

 In my faith as a Christian, I’ve learned to notice true wonders of the world. I have really started to see little miracles that appear to be God trying to reach out to people.

Over spring break, I was truly inspired by a man named Salim. He approached my mother and me at a gas station in my neighborhood. He sang and played guitar for my mom as she pumped gas, in hopes of getting a little spare change. When I got out of the car, he began to sing to me as well. I looked into his eyes and there was a sense of joy. Salim was just happy to be alive and singing. The fact that a stranger was serenading us at 11:30 p.m. wasn’t the extraordinary part; while he sang to us, a butterfly appeared and flew around us. Every time he opened his mouth to sing, the butterfly fluttered like it was applauding him. I had never seen a butterfly at night, so I knew right away that it was God showing his joy at our happiness. God was joyous because we showed that two people from completely different paths of life can come together and show each other kindness and love. That’s how God intends for us to treat one another.

In the Gospel of Matthew 25:31-46, it describes how people will be separated based on the things they’ve done for others. It’s telling us that we should be helping one another. Of course, we helped Salim with food and money, but he helped us as well. He helped my mom and me feel close to God by doing what God would have liked for us to do. We did something for absolutely no gain but ended up gaining the most. In the end, as a Christian, I desire to be in the image of God, and in that moment I felt I was.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.