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Teacher Preparation Academy Receives Mountaineer Award

Photo by Michele Earle

Mountain View School District’s Board of Education presented Amy Minick, Mt. View High School Teacher with the District’s Mountaineer Award for her distinguished leadership of the high school’s Teacher Preparation Academy (TPA).

by Michele Earle

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El Monte

The Mountain View School District Board of Education presented the District’s Mountaineer Award to Amy Minick, a teacher at Mt. View High School for her outstanding work with the Teacher Preparation Academy (TPA).  Minick coordinates the TPA, a program for high school students who aspire to become teachers.

     Minick and the TPA have partnered with the Mountain View School District (MVSD) for several years, providing the opportunity for high school students to get an inside look at the teaching profession while providing a wonderful tutoring service to MVSD students.  Under Minick’s leadership the program continues to make a positive impact in the reading skills of students at La Primaria School where twice a week TPA members provide tutoring, individualized instruction in reading, comprehension, site words and phonics.   A group of TPA members also provide instructional support twice a week to students at Madrid Middle School.

     The TPA class is part of the high school students’ regular school day, and in addition to learning the methodologies of teaching and strategies for interacting with students, the aspiring teachers gain hands-on experience working with students at MVSD schools.

    Minick was commended for her outstanding service and accomplishments made in the area of education, and the dedication and effort she has invested in the lives of students.

     “We truly appreciate all you do for your students at Mt. View High and for all of our students who have benefitted from your dedication and the TPA program,” said Lillian Maldonado French, MVSD Superintendent.  “We are so grateful for the partnership with TPA and the positive results our collaboration has achieved.  Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment.”

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Teacher Preparation Academy Receives Mountaineer Award