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by Jerry Jambazian

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Rosemead Improvement Project


Mayor Pro Tem Carl Blum spoke of his 3year odyssey with the Rosemead ImprovementProject.

This is a major project for our citythat covers 2 miles from the railroad tracks to Callita. This is a 20 million dollar project with one million by the city and 19 million funded through 14 different Federal, State, and County agencies. The actual construction cost are about 13 million with the balance going to engineering and design.

This project will provide many improvments including distinctive design, safety, better traffic control, plants and trees, art objects, and a dedicated bike lane that will be the envy of the nation.

The city is providing weekly construction updates with continuing progress, closures, and areas to avoid. The City has met with South Pasadena as they are going through their project on Fair Oaks. The secret is to hold the contractor to a tight work schedule. If you give them 2 years to finish a 18 month project they will take the 2 years and work on other projects.

Our city is fortunate to have Carl Blum and Vince Yu ramrodding this project. Carl in his position with the County did this for a living, and Vince brings his architect skills.

Collectively, they have had over 80 meetings bringing this project to fruition. Also, City Manager Jose Pulido brings his skills after going through the same thing in San Fernando.

Seven Awards at the Key Club Convention

Temple City Key Club paid a visit fresh from winning seven awards at the Key Club Convention. President Simon Chau, Vice President Claire Chow, and Betty Wang, Lt. Governor of Key Club Division 10 North. We are very happy to sponsor such an elite group of young leaders.

Dial-A-Ride Donation

At the April 2 City Council meeting our club was recognized for donating $400 supplying carts for seniors riding Dial-A-Ride.

Pictured (L-R) Bob Rodenbucher, Councilman Fernando Vizcarra, Councilman Tom Chavez, Mayor Cynthia Sterquist, Mayor Pro Tem Carl Blum, Jerry Backstrom, and Councilman Vince Yu.



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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
‘Kiwanis News’