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El Monte City Council Develops Energy Action Plan to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

by Chelsea Dickerson

El Monte

On Tuesday, April 2, the El Monte City Council voted to approve a multi-year strategic plan to reduce its municipal and community-wide energy use and greenhouse gas emissions to meet state targets set by AB 32.

The Energy Action Plan outlines the electricity profile of the El Monte community, gives an inventory on what municipal and community uses emit greenhouse gas emissions, and provides goals, policies and actions that will reduce electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions to meet reduction targets.

“The City’s Energy Action Plan is a fantastic roadmap for our City to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions to improve the health of El Monte families,” said Councilwoman Victoria Martinez.  “This is a huge milestone that will help El Monte be known as an eco-friendly community.”

Strategies include increasing the knowledge of energy use and improving energy efficiency in existing residential developments, reducing the energy needed for new construction, and maximizing the use of shading and cooling to sustain a comfortable and energy-efficient urban environment.  Water conservation efforts and financing opportunities for renewable energy will also be a priority.

Over the last year, city staff attended several community events to engage the community on this topic and collect feedback through Personal Energy Efficiency Surveys. The respondents’ feedback on what would motivate them to make energy efficient improvements to their homes served as a foundation for the policies set forth in the Energy Action Plan.

“I am very proud that this plan was developed using residents’ feedback in mind,” said Councilman Juventino “J” Gomez.  “The strategies outlined in this plan are aligned with what our residents are willing and able to do to make their homes more energy efficient.”

The City also worked with Southern California Edison and the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments to develop the Energy Action Plan.

City staff will now execute the recommended strategies and report on the progress of implementation.

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