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By Yesenia Melgar

Yesenia Melgar, contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

By Yesenia Melgar

Death is inevitable, and we as humans fear the moments surrounding the action. Although we fear what would happen to us as we die (will we see “the light,” or simply just not exist anymore)? One must question why we fear death with such apprehension. I believe we, as normal humans, fear becoming nothing, of melting into the crowd with the many indistinguishable faces. We fear when we die we will no longer be alive to others, but forgotten.

Throughout history, so many faces are forgotten. These faces belonged to people who had lives that were significant to not only themselves, but to their families. These people may not have done something of grand recognition in history, but they had a purpose in their lives.

Let us make a pact, you and me. Promise to do something with great importance for others, not only for our own satisfaction. Make it count, big or small.

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