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Jerry Jambazian Receives Award

by Jo Anne Disney

by Jo Anne Disney

Local Temple City resident and business owner, Jerry Jambazian, was recently honored at a dinner held in Diamond Bar. The California Park & Recreation Society District 13 presented him with a Community Service Award in “recognition of outstanding service to the field of parks & recreation.”

If some of you have been wondering why Jerry hasn’t written as much for the Mid Valley News lately, it is because he is recuperating from a fall he took on December 10th. He was a judge for the “Holiday Lights Contest,” and the group was meeting at Live Oak Park. It seems after they returned and were getting out of the van, Jerry lost his footing and landed on his left hip. It was fractured and required surgery. Jerry is mending nicely and back to working half days. He attends physical therapy twice a week and is getting around with a walker, and expects to graduate to a cane soon. Jerry is in good spirits and hopes to be writing for the paper beginning May 1st.

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