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Student’s Corner

By Ashley Lanuza

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The Importance of My Voice

Ashley Lanuza,contributing  student writer from San  Gabriel Mission High School.

Ashley Lanuza, contributing
student writer from San
Gabriel Mission High School.

I was confused, sad, and angry at one of my closest friends. I refused to speak to her for months; therefore, she never understood why I was so upset. Finally, I told her everything. I understood that nothing could happen if I didn’t say something. I understood that my voice was important. We’re now at peace with each other because of a mutual understanding.

“Your voice matters” was my slogan for my freshman presidential campaign. I wanted to create an environment where my classmates can be comfortable with their opinions in class meetings. I aimed for the opportunity to listen to their needs, making the first year of high school harmonious.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution calls for five freedoms: religion, petition, assembly, press, and speech. Speech is one of our most important freedoms. In the United States we are legally allowed to speak out our thoughts because two hundred years ago, a group of men knew one thing: that our voice was important. We should use this wondrous opportunity to our advantage. For example, most Communist countries are strict in their freedom of speech, from having little to none at all. In the United States if you have an opinion, you can start a petition, film a video, or share it online!

So simply take the time to say your thoughts, so bridges can be built and tensions released. Each individual thought can benefit thousands of lives. Your voice is an instrument of peace, whether through a whisper, or a scream! But how would you know how powerful your voice is, if you just zip your lips?

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Student’s Corner