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Fish Taco Heaven

Review by Brad Healy

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Temple City

FishTacorevisedWhen we all are craving the best fish tacos, who do we think of? You do not have to look far as many restaurants do carry fish tacos in many different types and styles.  I came across a new restaurant that has just opened up recently called El Ruizenor Grill. The owners of this wonderful restaurant are Vincent Ruiz, and Norma Perez. They both have 19 years of extensive management skills in the restaurant business and they both own two other restaurants called Chanos, one residing in San Gabriel and the other in El Monte. Their passion for El Ruizenor Grill was to create a more refine setting with more dishes from their Oaxacan Mexico region, where they grew up.  I had to sample the fish tacos since I saw the café style sign outside the front door that mentioned them at a special price. This restaurant that has opened up in our own back yard has not only fresh fish tacos in two different styles, but also the best mole I personally have ever had!

As I am sitting in my comfortable seat and beautifully cleaned table with chips and salsa (which I love already), and I was overhearing many people coming in to order fish tacos to go.  As many of our readers know, we have been asking for over the last month or so in our Mid Valley Newspaper, to let us know who your favorite fish taco restaurant is. Well, I have found mine, right here at El Ruizenor Grill. The two fish tacos that I chose were prepared very nicely. The first fish taco came out with its warm fresh tortilla, and fish that was grilled perfectly without being too mushy. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no fishy taste at all. I have been to other more expensive restaurants but the quality has never been this good. What a joy to be eating this moist fish taco with not too much dressing and just enough cilantro and cabbage to cut through the moist meat with added texture. Without question the best grilled fish taco I have tried in many years. I work myself to the second fish taco which comes out fried with the same dressing with cilantro and fresh cabbage. Fresh tortilla, crisp fish, and so fresh, what could you ask for more. Ask Norma for her two hot sauces that will complement any dish they prepare for you. By the way, they are one of the few restaurants that will go out of their way to accommodate any different food combinations for their customers. Come in and see why people from all over are raving about the quality and the attention to detail El Ruizenor Grill has given them, and do not forget the fish tacos and Mole dishes, you will love them.

For Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner

El Ruizenor Grill, 5818 Temple City Blvd. Temple City, Ca 91780

Monday-Sunday 8:00 am.-9:00 pm.

(626) 286-8763

(626) 286-8764

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Fish Taco Heaven