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Student’s Corner

By Ashley Lanuza

Living Your Life to the Fullest:


Ashley Lanuza, she is a 14 year old contributing  student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

Ashley Lanuza, she is a 14 year old contributing
student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

Hadiya Pendleton had a successful future in store for her. She was a member of a band who played for President Obama’s inauguration and was preparing to see the sparkling Parisian lights in a few months. According to the Chicago Tribune, she was always busy, but had a lighthearted personality, using her quirkiness to put a smile on her family’s face. Hadiya would major in pharmacy and journalism, and would hopefully attend Northwestern University.

On January 29, 2013, Hadiya was hiding from a rainstorm with some friends when a man climbed over the fence with a gun. The perpetrator, according to the Chicago Tribune, opened fire at 2:20 PM, wounding Hadiya and another male student. The man left in a car, and no arrests have been reported. She died blocks away from her school, King College Prep on the Southside of Chicago. She was fifteen.

This tragedy reminds us that life is so precious. It can be gone in a swift second, maybe through a metal bullet or smoke-filled lungs. We take for granted our own lives every single day. Others even think to purposely end their hearts from beating through the act of suicide. What is this mindset? We should be grateful every day for our lives, living them to the fullest and letting love lead the way.

Hadiya and I are so much alike, young teenagers hoping for a successful future. It is through this notable fact that I realize how precious my life is. We must search for opportunities to live our dreams in the present. How would she have known that her heart would stop beating that afternoon? Hadiya didn’t know, but at least she took every opportunity offered to her, such as playing music for the President’s inauguration. She is the epitome of how we should live our dreams in the present and take risks and opportunities, young or old. Did you ever want to try skydiving? Take the chance. Are you too shy to tell that special someone how you really feel? Just say it, because life is too short to be hesitant. Opportunities, risks, and chances are created to be taken, because time is short. Life is precious. If we let love lead the way, let our dreams be our guide, we will close our eyes and see a life of pleasant surprises.

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