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Mountain View School District Earns 14th Consecutive Outstanding Financial Audit

by Michele Earle

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El Monte

Ensuring fiscal accountability is a tradition in the Mountain View School District (MVSD), as evidenced by the 14th consecutive outstanding audit opinion earned by MVSD on its yearly state mandated financial audit.

For nine months, accountants from the auditing firm of Vicenti, Lloyd and Stutzman spent over 400 hours reviewing the District’s fiscal procedures.   Following strict auditing standards and audit guidelines set by the state controller, the accountants reviewed attendance data, payroll and purchasing procedures, internal controls and instructional, state and federal programs.  They also visited school sites to review ASB and Booster Club records to ensure their financial statements were fairly and accurately presented.  After their extensive review, the auditors gave MVSD an “unqualified” audit opinion – the best opinion that can be rendered by an accountant.  The “unqualified” opinion indicates that MVSD was successful in meeting all financial requirements for the 2011-2012 school year.

Leading MVSD’s audit was Tina Henton, Audit Manager, who commended the District and the Fiscal Services Department for the unqualified opinion and the superior fiscal accountability continuously demonstrated.

“Receiving a 14th unqualified opinion is an excellent achievement,” said Henton.  “With the challenging budgetary issues school districts are facing and the many changes in funding and flexibility of funds over the past few years, those in charge of finances have had to adjust and do things differently and MVSD’s team has adapted to the many changes and continued to demonstrate excellent internal controls,” she added.

MVSD also maintained its status as a low-risk auditee, meaning that the internal controls and procedures are sufficient to give the auditors a high level of confidence when reviewing the financial records.

       “We are grateful to our finance team for the great job they are doing in ensuring our district is running efficiently,” said Adam Carranza, Board of Education member.  “Earning the best audit opinion for 14 years running is a tremendous achievement and we appreciate all the hard work of our fiscal team and school sites.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Mountain View School District Earns 14th Consecutive Outstanding Financial Audit