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At the Mercy of Guns and the Law: A Teen’s Perspective

By Ashley Lanuza

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Ashley Lanuza 2

Ashley Lanuza, she is a 14 year old contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School. She has offer an insight on Gun Control from a student perspective.
Thank you, Ashley.

I believe that the ease of purchasing weaponry is definitely dangerous, especially when it reaches the wrong hands. It has been rumored that an increase in security has been suggested for public places. Consequently, I think the question of America’s safety and image arises. If we increase our security, we also tarnish the nation’s reputation as a safe haven. It is impossible to live freely and start anew in the shadow of fear and distress. The increase in security will overthrow those looking for free enterprise and a new life, thus decreasing the need of America’s resources. Also, I believe this proposed security solution may be only temporary because of our limited public budget. As we have heard in the media, limited funds have already resulted in diminishing or eliminating school programs, so is it even possible to maintain a security system with our public financial problems?

Nonetheless, I have heard of suggestions made by citizens to propose an embargo on weaponry. I have found it is for the Second Amendment to be repealed, deemed unnecessary because of current situations. Repealing an amendment isn’t drastic, since in the past, it has created better living for citizens. I was doing a research for a school paper and discovered historical examples to support the repeal of an amendment. It includes the Eighteenth Amendment, which led to the creation of the Twenty-First Amendment. I discovered that it decreased the crime rate and illegal alcohol and drug distribution. If the Second Amendment is banned, then what type of result will replace it, and what type of increases or decreases would occur? Interestingly enough, it seems the argument of personal defense and a free government invalidates this idea of repeal. I believe that if the government forces us to not obtain a weapon, they would be basically violating our freedom of purchase. If the government restricts us in this area, it exemplifies the possibility of controlling us in other factors, depriving the title “free country.”

These types of events (death by firearms) are often, but there are rare occurrences that touch many. Unfortunately, they only connect us together temporarily. We do come together to stop such madness, or say that we do. Only a determined few actually stay in the midst of change. The sad truth is that most of us forget after a while, and move on with our lives and make no effort for a true difference. The individuals who do act upon a tragedy are either hurt deeply or moved profoundly. Nevertheless, as humans, we should feel compassion to do what we can to help our fellow beings. We all live in communities, and as a community we should stand, strong and together. What can we do to prevent these tragedies from occurring, and still remain united as a whole? Whether you are an advocate of banning arms or of higher security measures, do not just laze about without a motivation for change. As people with the capacity of compassion and love, thoughts and actions, we should attempt to serve the discontinuation of these tragedies. Therefore, write a letter, start a petition, and make your thoughts known and heard. It should be enough for just one breath to be halted to force us to find the true human in our hearts.


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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
At the Mercy of Guns and the Law: A Teen’s Perspective