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At the Mercy of Guns and the Law: A Teen’s Perspective

By Ashley Lanuza

San Gabriel Mission High School

The Second Amendment is calling for “the right to bear arms,” giving a citizen the possibility to obtain a weapon for their own personal reason. Often, the reason is to defend their lives and the lives of others. Unfortunately, it is apparent that it has been used to hurt others and to hurt society. It seems the two most popular solutions to this growing problem are either to eliminate the Second Amendment or strengthen security. Coincidentally, there are numerous oppositions to both plans. What can we do, as the citizens of this country, to make our nation safer? Recent events in Connecticut, Colorado, and Virginia in the past decade should force us to rethink our morality and make a change, but it does not happen overnight. As the internet and media spread news even more efficiently than ever before to younger generations, tragedies are more known. The current knowledge also pushes young adults to figure out a solution, for a better future and a better life. So, what exactly can we do to create a safer and stronger environment for the future? Do we continue our path as a perishing nation or teach our younger generation how to fix the past and create a healthier and more efficient future?

Special Feature Article

This article will run in the next couple of issues, so stay tune to read the rest of the prespective of a freshman student at San Gabriel Mission High.

Continued in Issue : 1.30.13

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