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Festival of Lights

By: Sean Telles

By: Brad Healy

Temple City

By: Brad Healy

Christmas time in Temple City has come this year to us complete with all the whistles and bells. But you say, what about the lights? Yes, the lights were truly impressive. As Las Tunas was preparing for the Christmas Parade many preparations were made for the impressive lights to be displayed in not only in front of all the businesses on Las Tunas, but down the street at the park, where Santa and his snow were waiting for all. Not only did the park display the Brighterside Choir performing their festive Christmas music, but impressive lights were displayed on one of the largest trees in the park which must have taken many hours to get ready. The dedication to detail with the lights, colors, and designs were really thought out and appreciated by all this year. Living here in the Temple City area has been an eye opening experience over the years, as an increase in the number of residents from all over have made this event something special to appreciate. As all who were involved look toward next year, the community knows that we all have experienced a festive Christmas to be thankful for.

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