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Schools Hold Mock Elections for Presidential Race

By Michele Earle

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By Michele Earle

El Monte, CA – Students in the Mountain View School District participated in the voting process on Election Day, casting their vote for the President of the United States during Mock Elections held at several schools.

   Madrid Middle School’s sixth through eighth grade students were eager to make their voices heard with their votes.

“The right to vote is a fundamental one and in the last year and half the world has witnessed several revolutions in the Middle East and Africa by people who feel oppressed by their government.  They have fought to gain basic freedoms that we enjoy, and perhaps take for granted in this country,” said Christina Grebel, Madrid teacher.  “Our goal is for Madrid students to develop an appreciation for the 1st Amendment right granted to every U.S. citizen.”

   At Baker School the kindergarten through fifth grade students were happy to have the chance to vote for the 45th president of our country.

   Parent volunteers made the polling booths and ballot boxes and adorned the designated voting spot with patriotic colors of red, white and blue.

   “We wanted to give our students the opportunity to participate in the democratic process,” said Donelle Soto-Magat, Baker principal.  “Our upper grade students have learned about the candidates and the election process and feel empowered by the ability to cast their vote in such an important election.”

   On hand to support the student voting were Board of Education president, Patsy Sutley and Board member, Mary Espinoza who enjoyed the enthusiasm Baker’s students showed for casting their vote.

  “This is a great event,” said Sutley.  “The mock election is a good way to start kids thinking about voting.  It’s important for the kids to learn about our democratic process and know how important it is for everyone to vote.”

   The results for both schools indicated a decisive win for Barack Obama, a favorite candidate among the students.

   “I think kids should be able to vote for our president too, not just adults,” said Justin Gaytan, fifth grader who was helping with Baker’s polls.  “It is fun to study the candidates and be able to vote for who you think will lead our country the best.”

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Schools Hold Mock Elections for Presidential Race