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Students Enjoy Frightful Fun at Twin Lakes’ Haunted House

By Michele Earle


By Michele Earle


El Monte, CA –


A maze of frightful fun awaited Twin Lakes students as they bravely entered the school’s Halloween Haunted House.   Lurking in the darkness were several spooky characters who ensured a scary good time for all who dared to enter.

    “That was so cool!” exclaimed a very excited student who was certain the vampire who jumped out at him was his teacher, Mr. Vargas.  “I liked all the scary stuff inside and that it was so dark inside.”

     A few other thrill seekers couldn’t get to the end of the Haunted House quick enough after having the daylights scared out them with the props, screams and creepy characters they encountered.

    “That was so scary!” said a shaken little one dressed as a princess.  “I know it’s not real but it was really scary and I don’t want to go in it again!” she adamantly told her mom.

     A special section for crafts and coloring was set up for the younger children where they could make pictures and Halloween bracelets.  The Twin Lakes parent group also sold a variety of food items for students and families in attendance to enjoy.

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