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Kaiser Permanente Dietician Shares Healthy Eating Tips with Kranz Intermediate Students

By Michele Earle

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By Michele Earle

El Monte, CA – Kranz Intermediate School’s seventh and eighth grade students and a few parents learned about the importance of healthy food choices during a special assembly presented by Kaiser Permanente’s Health Education Department.  Angelica Day, a registered dietician from Kaiser discussed the food pyramid and the need to incorporate foods from a variety of food groups for maximum nutritional benefits.

      “It’s important to eat fruits and vegetables, protein foods, dairy and whole grains,” said Day.  “Building your meals with items from these food groups will help keep you healthy and satisfied.”

     Students were surprised to see the calorie comparison of a typical “tween” snack of soda and hot Cheetos and the volume of fruits you can eat for the same amount of calories and much less fat.

They were shown a typical fast food meal and for the same amount of calories in that one meal they could eat three balanced meals and a snack and be more satisfied.  The dietician also shared with parents the importance of establishing set mealtimes and ensuring that children eat breakfast.  She encouraged the parents to be role models for their kids by eating healthy and being physically active.

     “Meal preparation and meal times are important,” said Day.  “Eating a meal comprised of all food groups helps us feel fuller and satisfied.  Also, allow your child to eat as much as they want during meal times, it will help curb between meal snacking and over controlling your child’s eating can lead to problems later on.”

       The students were urged to listen to their bodies and eat only when they are hungry, and not out of boredom.  Additionally, they were reminded that what they are eating and doing now will affect their health later in life.

      According to Chris Cornell, Kranz P.E. teacher, the results of Kranz’s physical fitness tests indicated the need to emphasize the importance of good nutrition and healthy portion sizes.

      “Many of our students didn’t pass the body mass index and body composition portion of the physical fitness test so we wanted to address the importance of being healthy and eating right.  We are grateful to Kaiser’s Health Education Department for providing this worthwhile information to our students and families.  We want all of our students to be healthy,” said Cornell.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Kaiser Permanente Dietician Shares Healthy Eating Tips with Kranz Intermediate Students