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By Michele Earle

El Monte, CA –Parents and guardians of students at Kranz Intermediate School and Madrid Middle School are participating in the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) Parent Engagement Education Program.  The nine-week program is free to parents and guardians as part of each schools GEAR Up grant.

  Workshops are offered both in the morning and evening on Thursdays to accommodate the participant’s schedules.  The nine-week course educates parents on how to foster a positive educational environment for their children both at home and at school.  Participants learn how to create a positive and lasting educational environment at home using a number of proven academic success tools such as dedicating a home study location and time of day for homework; creating ongoing dialog with their kids’ surrounding their academic success and challenges; and discussing children’s college expectations.  Parents learn about how grades are used for college admittance and what classes are needed for students planning to attend college.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide this beneficial program for our parents and families and we are very happy to see so many parents participate,” said Bonnie Tanaka, Madrid’s principal.  “Both morning and evening workshops are offered during the nine weeks and we appreciate the commitment our parents have made to their child’s education by dedicating their time to attend the weekly workshops.  What they learn will contribute greatly to the academic success of their children. “

“It’s wonderful to see so many Kranz parents and family members who are willing to come out once a week for nine weeks and invest in their child’s future.  It shows their commitment to form a partnership with our school to improve their child’s academic success, ensuring they are ready for high school and college” said Ray Andry, Kranz principal.    “We appreciate our collaboration with GEAR Up which enabled us to provide this worthwhile program.”

The classes are taught by PIQE facilitators and the nine-week series will culminate in a PIQE graduation ceremony at each school.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Parent Institute for Quality