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The Tooth Fairy Visits La Primaria Elementary

The Tooth Fairy shares the importance of healthy teeth with students at La Primaria School.

By Michele Earle


By Michele Earle

El Monte, CA– Dressed in a pink tutu with beautiful, glittery wings, the Tooth Fairy paid a special visit to La Primaria Elementary School in the Mountain View School District to share the importance healthy teeth w

ith the students.   The Tooth Fairy was jo

Dr. Justin Shuffer, pediatric dentist teaches students the proper brushing technique.

ined by Dr. Justin A. Shuffer, a pediatric dentist, to teach the students the proper way to brush, floss and eat to ensure good dental health.

     “It is so important to keep your teeth healthyDr. Justin Shuffer, pediatric dentist teaches students the proper brushing technique.!” said the Tooth Fairy.  “Some of the ways to do that is to brush your teeth in the morning and at night, floss regularly and eat and drink healthy foods.”

     The students eagerly shared some healthy snacks and drinks they could eat that would be good for their teeth such as milk, water, yogurt, cheese and fruit.

     “Brushing your teeth and eating right also keeps the sugar bugs away,” said the Tooth Fairy.  “Sugar bugs develop into cavities and you want to try to avoid those as much as you can.”

        The Tooth Fairy then led the students in a chant of “No Sugar Bugs! No Sugar Bugs!”

She and Dr. Shuffer explained what happens at the dentist office and reassured the students that is not a scary place.

      “Dentists are very nice men or women who want to make sure you have healthy teeth,” said the Tooth Fairy.  “The dental office is a fun place with toys, x-rays and lots of cool tools for examining your teeth and mouth.”

     Dr. Shuffer answered questions and used a model of a mouth to show the students the proper brushing technique.  Students took turns brushing the teeth on the model.

     “Your teeth are very important,” said Dr. Shuffer.  “Kids usually lose their first tooth at 5 or 6 years of age and it’s usually one of the bottom front teeth that comes out first.”

     La Primaria principal, Anamarie Sanchez thanked Dr. Shuffer and the Tooth Fairy for sharing such great information regarding dental care.

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