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Mountain View School District’s Community Liaisons Continue Parent Institute Training

Jeana Preston, University of San Diego's Parent Center Director, leads a workshop for Mountain View School Districts Community Liaisons who are participating in the training to earn their Parent Liaison Certificate.

BY: Michele Earle


By Michele Earle

El Monte, CA – Gearing up for a productive 2012-2013 school year, Mountain View School District’s (MVSD) community liaisons continued their parent institute training provided by the University of San Diego Parent Institute.  The group began the training last school year and after this year will earn a Parent Liaison Certificate for completing the program.

MVSD’s community liaisons play a key role in engaging parents in the education process by providing effective ways for them to partner with the schools and learn strategies to help their children reach their full potential.  Community Liaisons provide classes, discussions, and opportunities for parents to learn techniques to support their children and the school’s achievement.  Community liaisons are an integral part of the school staff, and essential to the parent/school partnership.

Community liaisons from each school site, the District Office and Migrant Education Program participated in three days of training including learning about proper nutrition and its impact on children and their ability to learn and stay focused.  They will take the information they learned from this training and share it with the parents at their schools, arming them with the nutritional knowledge they need to ensure their children are eating the best foods to fuel their growing minds and bodies.  They spent two days continuing the Parent Institute Training they started last school year, including a half day workshop where they joined their school’s Partnership Action Team (PAT) for continued PAT training with the teachers, administrators and parents.  The focus of each school’s PAT is to tie in all parent involvement activities to the school goals, and ensure all efforts are achievement oriented.  During the training the teams were busy working together to develop plans for the upcoming school year.

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