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El Monte High School Teacher Receives Classroom
Improvement Grant

By Anne Donofrio-Holter
El Monte, CA – El Monte High School teacher Juan Raygoza has been awarded a $200 federal credit union classroom improvement grant for the purchase of books for a classroom library he’s constructing.

“I have begun purchasing books for my classroom and also started loaning these books out for my students to read at home,” said Raygoza.

According to Raygoza, he wants to provide his world history students with “engaging, empowering and relevant books which they could read and learn from and then apply the knowledge and skills taken from reading to their own lives.”

“I am very grateful to the credit union for this grant and want to thank them for their generosity and the interest they take in the education of our students,” he added.

 El Monte High School Hosts Sports Clinic

By Anne Donofrio-Holter
El Monte, CA — This summer, El Monte High School hosted a free three-day girls’ sports clinic for local middle school students focusing on volleyball, basketball and baseball.

“This was the first time the girls’ volleyball, basketball and softball coaches got together to run this type of sports clinic,” said El Monte High School coach Kendra Navarro. “Each clinic focused on the skills of each sport. Fundamental and individual drills were taught to the participants so they could practice what they learned at home individually or with a partner.”

“El Monte High School is excited to provide athletic youth clinics to our partner schools. Sports and other extracurricular activities provide a means by which younger students and their parents can be introduced to high school and its benefits,” said Keith Richardson, El Monte High School principal. “The clinics provide an opportunity for students to interact, bond and work as a team, promote the importance of physical activity and learn the proper rules of the game, coaching strategies and what’s needed to participate in sports at the high school level.”
“It was great to see young female students take part in our clinic,” said Navarro. “We feel that sports can provide student athletes with an opportunity to work together for a common goal, as they will be doing for the rest of their lives in their communities and work place. I hope the clinics will motivate more female students to want to become competitive athletes in high school sports and beyond.”

“Thank you for taking the time and giving this opportunity to my daughter Ariana,” said parent Veronica Alvarez. “She really enjoyed it and is looking forward to the next clinic.”
“The clinics provide activities in which students are actively involved and not idle, which unfortunately is the case today due to video gaming, texting and social networking,” said Richardson. “Involved students equate to student success in the classroom.”

Mountain View High School Athletes Improve Academic Scores

By Anne Donofrio-Holter 

El Monte, CA — Thanks to the intervention of PREP staff and the dedication of Mountain View High School’s student athletes, 98% of the school’s football team is eligible to play in the upcoming season.

The LEARN (Learning, Enrichment & Academic Resources Network) PREP program is “designated to support after school programming at the high school level to increase students’ interest in seeking a higher education.”
“With the continued tutoring assistance of PREP, hopefully the entire football team will be eligible to play this season,” said Victor Ambruso, Mountain View High School football coach. “Having a majority of the team eligible to play is something that has not happened in many years.”
“’PREP provided our football program an academic direction, which led to nearly 100% eligibility. The students and community have been inspired by such an academic accomplishment,” said Keith Wheeler, Mountain View High School principal. “Coach Ambruso worked in conjunction with the PREP staff to ensure this academic success.”
“Due to cuts in state funding, LEARN hopes it will be able to continue the important work we are doing for the students in El Monte. The work done in our tutoring program is only a small example of the many activities LEARN provides at both the El Monte City School District and the El Monte Union High School District. LEARN will continue to seek alternative sources of funding for the PREP program to continue the positive outcomes we have seen to date,” said Robert Arellanes, LEARN CEO.
“While I am so proud of the staff, this accomplishment also shows the dedication and determination of our students, which is most critical, as we work to move our school forward,” said. Wheeler.
“Our partnership with LEARN and their PREP program is very positive for our students,” said El Monte Union High School District Superintendent Nick Salerno. “We are very fortunate to have such wonderful partners that provide great support services for the benefit of our students. We appreciate PREP’s efforts and support of our students for improved academic achievement.”


9/12 – Mt. View HS Open House/6 pm
9/18 – So El Monte HS Back to School Night/6 – 8:30 pm
9/19 – Rosemead HS Open House/5:30 pm
9/21 – Board Retreat/4 pm
9/25 – El Monte HS Open House/6 – 8 pm
9/26 – Arroyo HS Open House/6-8 pm
10/03 – Board Meeting/6 pm/District Office
10/11 Ledesma HS Back to School Night/Time TBD


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