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Do you recognize these faces?

Aggie Fonseca-Raygoza with her sons Julian (left) and Gabriel during the shooting of their commercial/video that aired on Telemundo during the Olympics.

Addie Claire

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By Addie Claire
El Monte, CA – If you watched the Summer Olympics just a few weeks ago you might recognize them.
Local El Monte resident,Ageda Fonseca-Raygoza, better known as Aggie, and her sons, were selected by Procter an Gamble for their “Thank you Mom” campaign. Out of 500 families in the nation Aggie represented the latino community as a special Mom, supporting her children in all their activities and most especially, sports.

Aggie and her sons, Gabriel and Julian, became as well known or even better known than our local competing Olympic athletes, as their commercial/documentary video trailer aired during the entire three weeks of Olympic coverge on Telemundo.

Aggie, an alumn of Mountain View High School, works as a Head Start Health Clerk for the Mountain View School District. She is a single Mom who two years ago called into a Spanish rock radio station to try to win tickets to Disneyland. The dee-jay she spoke to got interested in her story of being a single mom and being so active in her son’s sports activities. He asked if he could view her Facebook page. A while later he contacted her and let her know that he had referred her name to someone who was looking to interview a “Sports Mom” for a story. Aggie had no idea what this interview would lead to.

Last May 10 Aggie was informed that she and her boys had been selected to do the commercial/video, but had no idea at the time what a huge audience it would reach and of what impact it would have on their lives. “We didn’t know our commercial/video was for the “Thank you Mom” campaign that would air during the Olympics, until it was done and they sent me the link. I was in tears it was such a great honor.” said Aggie. “I thought it was to promote kids in sports since my Son is very active in many sports; It was Procter & Gamble’s way of thanking me world wide for being a supportive Mother to someone who could be Tomorrow’s Champion Olympian.”

Since appearing in the commercial/video it has opened up doors for Aggie and her two sons. They have been contacted for casting calls and other projects.

If you would like to view the trailer of Aggie, Gabriel and Julian go to this link.

Aggie and her sons are great representatives of the wealth of active, and involved people who come from and contribute to our community in an outstanding way.


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One Response to “Do you recognize these faces?”

  1. Aggie Fonseca on September 4th, 2012 11:44 am

    Dear Mid Valley News,
    Thank you so much for this great article, my boys and I, truly appreciate it and are very thankful! We are extremely humbled and grateful to have been part of such an amazing lifetime experience during the 2012 Olympics. My Son’s dedication, effort, and discipline to the love of sports are the reason for such a big world wide honor. I am extremely proud of him and all his determination in being a great Champion, my Champion!! I am a very PROUD Mom!!

    Aggie Fonseca


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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Do you recognize these faces?