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The Golden Age of Marvel

by Glen Maldonado


Marvel, the comic book company, had a fantastic summer this year. With 2014 summer blockbuster season coming to an end, Marvel has made few milestones. The first time ever Marvel had 4 movies in the theaters.  The Marvel franchise is the highest grossing movie franchise with a gross total of 6 billion and counting domestically. Since 2000, Marvel has released 33 movies but all these movies were not all made by Marvel. Marvel has licensed its characters to other major film studios such as X-men for Fox Studios and Spiderman for Sony Pictures. Other licenses are Blade for New Line Cinema, Hulk for Universal, and Daredevil for Fox and Fantastic Four for Fox as well. The first film to get the big screen debut was Blade staring Wesley Snipes, with a box office total of 70 million dollars. In 1998 with Saving Private Ryan being the highest grossing movie that year with 216 million, Blade had an ok run in the box office. The next movie to be released really did set the bar higher for comic book movies. X-men was released in 2000 and grossed a total of 157 million dollars, it was the 8th highest growing movie of 2000.  It wasn’t till 2002 that comic book heroes became the big deal. Spider-Man was released by Sony and it grossed 403 million dollars. Spider-Man grossed the most money in 2002 beating tough competitors like Lord of the Rings the Two Towers, Star Wars Episode 2, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Comic book heroes were the trend and soon after Spider-Man there was 2 to 3 Marvel movie releases a year. By 2008 Marvel was tired of letting other studios make their movies and decided to start making their own. In May the same time when Spider-Man was released six years ago, Marvel released Iron Man. Iron Man was a success grossing 318 million dollars an above average amount for a comic book movie in that time. Marvel didn’t stop there; they decided to merge their characters in the same universe to build up to a big movie. They did so with the release of Iron Man 2, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and Captain America. An in 2012 Marvel combine their biggest heroes in one film and released Marvels The Avengers. The film grossed a total of 623 million dollars making it the highest grossing movie of 2012 and the 3rd highest grossing movie of all time. The success of The Avengers movie studios wanted to create more movie but were scared to try new projects so sequels were made with Wolverine, Iron Man 3, Amazing Spiderman 2, and X-men Day of Future Past. It was Marvel again who decided to gamble and release a new film of entirely new characters who have never been on the silver screen. Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest Marvel movie in theaters and it’s grossed so far a total of 193 million dollars as of 2 weeks in the theaters. Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the four movies released this summer. The other 3 are Amazing Spider Man 2, Capitan America the Winter Solider, and X-Men Days of Future Past. Together these four movies have grossed a total of 504 million dollars. Marvel is not done yet it has 20 movies scheduled till 2020. Some hyped upcoming movies are Avengers: Age of Ultron in May 1st, 2015, a reboot of Fantastic Four in June 6th 2015 and Ant-Man in July 17th, 2015. Marvel will achieve a new milestone in 2017 when 5 Marvel movies will be released including the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel in the 90s was a struggling it had filed for bankruptcy and was doing very bad. A lot has changed for Marvel in a decade.  Since 2002 Marvel was purchased by Disney and distributes its own movies. Marvel is definitely in its Golden Years now. For more info on your favorite marvel movies or more go to or visit us on Facebook at Please note that all box office totals are domestic totals only not worldwide. Also Guardians of the Galaxy and Amazing Spiderman 2 and X-Men are currently still in theaters and can gross more money in the future of this article.

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