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Entertainment Corner: Save The Star Theater

Photo by Sal Gomez

by Sal Gomez

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La Puente

Constructed in 1947 by famed movie theater designer S. Charles Lee in the Quonset Hut style, The Star Theater located in Old Town La Puente was Mr. Lee’s low-cost, no steel answer to building a theater  in rural communities. At a fraction of the cost of building the ornate Los Angeles Theater or The Tower Theater in downtown Los Angeles, the concept of building The Star was a wonder in its time…some even say it was built like a tank and would last for decades to come. The other Quonset style theater located in Montebello called The Garmar Theater suffered the fate of the wrecking ball in 2007.
Now it seems The Star is threatened with the same fate. Developers are working with a small group of city leaders to approve plans to demolish the theater in favor of mixed use housing and store fronts. A similar plan was submitted and approved a few years ago but the economy and a troublesome water table issue below ground killed that venture. Now, with the economy stabilizing it seems a new threat has emerged.
However, nothing will happened without a fight. A group of local artists, preservationists, architects, and urban designers have banded together to present to the community much needed information about the historic gem they now have in the community and how alternatives to demolition can have a benefit impact on La Puente and on its cultural heart. If you would like to know more about what is happening to The Star and how you can help become a part of preserving this historic structure visit the official Facebook page at Save The Star Theater – La Puente.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Entertainment Corner: Save The Star Theater