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2014 Anime Expo is Here


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Los Angeles

Currently the largest project managed by the SPJA, Anime Expo is an annual convention currently held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Historically  Anime Expo (AX) has been held on July 4th weekend as a 4-day event. Anime Expo has grown in scale dramatically, and is currently the largest anime and manga convention in North America. It is the second longest running anime convention (after A-kon in Texas) starting in 1992.
Popular large events include the Masquerade, Anime Music Video Contest, Concerts, Battle of the Bands, and the AX Fashion Show. Anime Expo is a 24-hour convention that offers late-night dances, all night video programming, tabletop gaming rooms, and open-mic Karaoke in the late evening/early morning hours. Many of the attendees cosplay while attending the convention, and there are many gatherings for fans of different anime and manga series.
Renowned for its ability to bring famous guests to America for panels and concerts, Anime Expo has been the site of many U.S. premiers of shows, movies, and bands.
Join us July 3 ~ July 6, 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. There a host of different events that are being offered. Here are just a few events that will be taking place this 4th of July weekend:
Anime Expo presents the best in Japanese music entertainment, featuring concerts from major J-Pop, Ani-Song, Japanese rock, and Idol Performers. Attendees have the opportunity to see the hottest acts straight from Japan in the Main Events hall in the company of thousands of enthusiastic fans.
Inspired by “Iron Chef,” AX’s AMV Chef is a duel between two masters of the anime music video craft who have just three short hours to create an AMV from scratch using just six video “ingredients,” the most important of which isn’t announced until just seconds before they begin! For the competitors it’s stress, toil, and pressure in front of a live audience. For the audience it’s fun and games as the hosts engage the audience with AMV trivia, discussion, and a viewing of favorite AMVs from years past, all while our poor competitors suffer.
As one of the most enduring traditions of Anime Expo®, the Masquerade is one of the largest and brightest highlights of Anime Expo®. Costumers hailing from around the world have graced our stage with their wonderful costumes and performances. They come for the fame, the glory and that huge trophy, “Best of Show”! If you have the motivation, the skills and the bloodlust to compete in one of the most prestigious anime Masquerades, come join us! Meet new and interesting people! See wonderful and exotic costumes! Witness the glitz, the glamour and the glory of Masquerade!

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2014 Anime Expo is Here