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AXS TV’s Triumphant Tribute Show

by Sal Gomez

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This story was continue from 5.07.14 issue of Mid Valley News.


Michelle Tyler, Bella Donna a tribute to Stevie Nicks
Michelle Tyler “Working with AXS TV and Katie Daryl was one of the highlights of our 12 years as a tribute band. Bella Donna (Tribute to Stevie Nicks) was given the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and connect in ways with our friends and fans that was impossible before WGTB’s. The community spirit was alive and the camaraderie among all the acts was electrifying. We all became fast friends in a supportive and non-competitive way. It was magical.”
Kenny Metcalf as Elton John – The Early Years
Kenny Metcalf: “Being selected by Katie Daryl and being approved by Mark Cuban and Ryan Seacrest’s network AXS-TV was an honor. To be given a LIVE broadcast to a nation audience impacted our lives and increased our credibility. Since our LIVE broadcast show, we have been considered the best Elton tribute, but not because we say so, but because of the support of AXS-TV and its name behind us. The tribute world is a world of serious actors, musicians, singers who take recreating iconic music to the limit. From sounding like the artist, looking like the artist, and recreating the costumes… It is really

“musical theatre”… The very thing the 70’s were all about, from Tommy, to Rocky Horror Picture Show. A full on tribute is like watching a movie about a specific artist. That is what we do. It is not simply a cover band, but a thought out, calculated production by professionals. All the bands on AXSTV The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands have become closer as a result of the show, and Katie Daryl is our leader. All alumni of the show have joined an exclusive club we have all coined “Tribute U”. We are all forever grateful for what we were given and for the fans we gained and jobs received from our performance on The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.”
Dan Johnson – Which One’s Pink, Pink Floyd Tribute Band
Dan Johnson: “We were very excited about being selected for the program.  Our turn came up on August 19, 2013.  We, of course, knew a bunch of the bands that had already been on the program before us so we called everyone to get a feel for what it was going to be like.  Most of us then attended The Police Experience show in person and were blown away at the energy in the room (as well as the band’s incredible performance).  So we felt that we had a good idea of what to expect when our turn came up.  We were wrong. We loaded in our gear that afternoon and went through our entire set in sound check.  We could hear our fans outside the Roxy reacting to the songs we played in sound check.  But we were unprepared for the unbridled electricity the crowd was feeding back the second we were introduced.   I think our fans took this personally – they believe that Which One’s Pink? is one of the World’s Greatest Tribute Bands and they want to prove it to the rest of the country.  It’s ironic that Sunset Strip crowds have a reputation for being jaded and aloof but our crowd at the Roxy could not have been more engaged or LOUD!  They may have been at their loudest AFTER the broadcast performance when, after an hour set of the FM radio hits we gave them the “deep cut” “Set the Controls For The Heart of the Sun.”
The phenomenal success of the World’s Greatest Tribute Bands has sent reverberations throughout the LIVE venue community, with club owners and patrons now seeking out more than ever the music they love, performed LIVE by talented and seasoned musicians. If you are lucky enough to live in proximity to Los Angeles and desire to attend one of the broadcast show nights I recommend you do it. Having attended many television productions, I can say the experience of attending a WGTB show is like no other. You can meet and get up close with all of these artists and musicians. Believe me when I say, they would definitely love to meet you.
And one other thing…you can now take some of this music home with you because the World’s Greatest Tribute Bands now have 3 volumes of music from selected bands that have appeared on the show from the last 3 seasons. These tracks are freshly produced recordings and are a fantastic companion piece to the show. And watch out…Vol. 4 season 4 is already in the works. You can purchase your copy of Vol. 1, 2 & 3 on iTunes today. Look for season 4 to premier on AXS TV in the fall.


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AXS TV’s Triumphant Tribute Show