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Mid Valley Radio Attends National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas

  • Attendees at the NAB Show were able to purchase memorabilia at the NAB Store. (Photo by Lucia Flores)
  • Moderator Tom Kenny (on far left) interviews (from L to R) Daniel Laurie, Shannon J. Mills, and Bruce Markoe during the “In Heroes, We Trust: the Soundscape for ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier” session at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, CA. (Photo by Lucia Flores)
  • Deon Levingston speaks on motivating staff at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, CA. (Photo by Lucia Flores)
  • The latest JVC cameras on display at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, CA. (By Lucia Flores)

by Lucia Flores and Lorena Flores

Las Vegas

On April 5-10, representatives from KMVR Mid Valley Radio, a division of Mid Valley News, attended the National Association of Broadcasters Show held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Every year, the National Association of Broadcasters hosts the event to highlight the broadcasting industry’s advancements in production technology and techniques, and to emphasize the latest trends in television, radio, and other broadcast mediums.

NAB attendees were able to listen to panels and participate in workshops. Inside the exhibition hall, many companies took part in displaying their latest products. Attendees were even invited to try out some of the equipment, which included shockproof cameras, audio boards, and microphones.

Presentations held on the exhibit floor gave attendees a first-hand look at the technological advances that have been developed to enhance the filming and production experience. One such advancement was a new model camera from JVC that allowed for streaming while filming, which would be very beneficial to field reporters for live news broadcasts.

There were also workshops on how to operate editing software such as Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. These sessions gave tips on how to organize and manage media files. Participants were able to leave with profound knowledge of the software and how to effectively utilize it in a work environment.

Other sessions ranged from broadcast management to editing sound in film. One session, “40 Secrets to Successful Radio Management,” offered tips of the trade to efficiently and effectively manage a radio station. Lawyers were also present to explain the filing process and how to avoid being fined by the Federal Communications Commission.

In the session, “In Heroes, We Trust: the Soundscape for ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” moderator Tom Kenny interviewed Shannon J. Mills, Bruce Markoe, and Daniel Laurie about their experiences in working with sound in films and which techniques they used to convey the best effect. The audience was shown a scene with the character Falcon as he dodged jets and missiles being fired at him. Mills explained how through experimentation, the right sound for the jets was developed, but then came the task of differentiating where those sounds should be placed and how they would fit in with the musical soundtrack of the film. The panelists also spoke about how they need to keep up with new sound technology that accommodates for IMAX and newer surround formats.

Overall, the sessions, workshops, and exhibits provided attendees of the NAB Show with a greater insight of the new technologies being developed for productions and a keen knowledge of the latest trends and issues affecting the broadcast industry today.

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