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Entertainment corner: Movie Review: 300 Rise of An Empire

by: Glen Maldonado

246828id1c_300_ROAE_27x40_1Sheet.indd300: Rise of An Empire is the second installment of what I believe to be a trilogy, but will get more into that later. Rise of An Empire takes you back to the world of 300 in three different times. Before the events of 300 during the events of 300 and after the events of 300. We see some familiar faces and you even see King Leonidas played by Gerard Butler return. Rise of An Empire was not directed by Zack Synder who directed 300, but he was the producer and writer. Noam Murro directed Rise of An Empire; his previous experience is only one film, a comedy romance called Smart People. With an inexperienced director and a story so confusing there was much I did not enjoy. I did however enjoy the visual effects and acting. Sullivan Stapleton and Eva Green (Casino Royale, Dark Shadows) performances made this film bearable and left me wanting more. With a story so slow at first then rushed at the end I felt that the characters had not developed enough. I saw this film in 3D and I enjoyed it. There were many things thrown at you and many actions scenes. What made 300 so popular was its visual slow mo effects. Rise of An Empire took that and went a little overboard with it. With so many bad things to say of this film, audiences still went out and saw it. 300: Rise of An Empire made 45 million dollars. Compare its opening to the original, Rise falls short of 300’s 70 million dollars. There is no doubt in my mind that 300 was better, no sequel has outperformed its original, except for of course, The Godfather Part 2 and The Dark Knight. My last words for you are, if you haven’t seen 300: Rise of An Empire yet, then you mostly like will not. It’s the latest Hollywood sequel money maker movie that will probably underperform and maybe halt the production of the final part of the trilogy. Will we ever see Xerxes Empire Fall or do we just have to imagine the sequel with slow motion action scenes in our heads? For more reviews and up to date information on your upcoming Hollywood movies listen to Glen’s Movie Review every Sunday and Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm. Like us at

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