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Entertainment corner: Oscars Make History

by Glen Maldonado


For the first time in history, the Oscar for Best Director went to a Latino. Alfonso Cuarón is the first Mexico born Latino to win the Oscar. His film Gravity won 6 more awards that night; another Oscar for Cuarón was for Editing. Its other big awards were for Cinematography and Original Score. Gravity did not win Best Picture or any acting awards. This year’s Best Picture went to 12 Years a Slave and it was a well-deserved win. If Gravity would have won, it would have been the first Sci-Fi movie to ever win the award. Not even Star Wars or 2001: A Space Odyessy has won that award.  Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor went to the movie Dallas Buyers Club. Jared Leto won Best Supporting Actor and Matthew McConaughey won for Best Actor. Matthew McCaughey beat Oscar nominees Leonardo DiCaprio, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Christian Bale. This will be Leonardo DiCaprio’s 4th loss and many fans were outraged online about the outcome. On the Best Supporting Actor and Actress side, things were fierce as well with the nominees. Meryl Streep broke records with having received her 18th nomination, but failed to win. 86th Oscars, BackstageThe Oscar for Best Actress instead went to Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine. In Best Supporting Actress, Lupita Nyong’o beat this writer’s best bet, Jennifer Lawrence to win the Oscar. But I have to say, her acceptance speech was good and of course, her acting was the best. Spike Jonze won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for the film Her. Best Adapted Screenplay went to 12 Years a Slave’s, John Ridley. Best Original Song went to Frozen (Let It Go) and Original Score went to Gravity (Steven Price). This year’s animated film went to none other than Disney’s Frozen, with no real competition it was a given fact it would win. So how well did I do in predicting the Oscars? I picked Best Picture and Best Actor and Supporting Actor, but I failed when it came to Best Actress and Supporting Actress. I picked Best Director and Cinematography failed at Best Animation, however I got both screenplay categories. How well did I do? I won 7 out of 10 of my predictions. How well did you do in predicting the Oscars? Tell me what you think about the Oscars. On and for more info on up-to-the-minute films and gossip, listen to Glen’s Movie Review Sundays and Tuesdays at 7pm at

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