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Los Angeles Union Station

Jo Anne Disney

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If you are looking for an adventure that includes a train ride, why not drive down to Sierra Madre Villa Station and catch the Metro Gold Line. The last stop is Union Station. Exit and begin your walking tour of the Station and see its rich history first hand.
When you arrive at Union Station there are many things to see. Check out the massive waiting room and the overstuffed chairs at the main entrance. The architecture is amazing and you can feel the history all around you. And, don’t be surprised if you recognize something from a movie that you may have seen. Union Station has been continually used for films from 1950 like “Union Station” to more current films like “Speed,” Pearl Harbor,” “The Italian Job” as well as the TV series, “24.”
Union Station in Los Angeles opened in May of 1930 and was declared an historical landmark in 1980. It is known as “the last of the great railway stations built in the United States.” When it first opened, Union Station served “the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, Southern Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad as well as the Pacific Electric Railway and Los Angeles Railway.” During WWII, Union Station was heavily used. But as times changed, more cars and airplanes were used for transportation resulting in less frequent use of the railroad.
However, with the addition of the current Metro Lines, train usage has become very popular. Now at Union Station there is the Metro Blue Line that goes from Long Beach to Los Angeles, the Metro Red Line that goes from Downtown Los Angeles, to North Hollywood and Mid-Wilshire, the Metro Gold Line that goes from Pasadena to Los Angeles, and last but not least, Metrolink, Southern California’s Commuter Rail Network as well as Amtrak the intercity rail service to and from Los Angeles. Add in the current price of gasoline and Union Station is gaining popularity everyday!
Summer is the perfect time to explore local places. Union Station offers a rich history, including a very trendy restaurant inside called Traxx. It is famous for desserts. So as you walk around the station, just think about all the famous people that boarded trains at this historic landmark. Union Station is located at 800 N. Alameda Street. What an exciting way to spend the day.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Los Angeles Union Station