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Curry & BBQ Plu$

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El Monte, I knew you had it in you! El Monte has been infused with a plethora of pho restaurants lately. None of which have caught my attention, but Curry & BBQ Plu$  has seriously blown them out of the water.

 Upon first glance, this Cantonese-run new restaurant looks like a small Sam Woo roastery. Look closer at the menu though, and you’ll find their amazing Chicken soup noodles.

 The banners boast their Chicken pho and Chicken rice. On the menu, however the “pho” is noted as Hai nam Chicken Noodles, which I think is a much more accurate description of the dish. The soup is delicious and refreshing. You can tell that it is stewed for hours. The taste is incredible and so fulfilling. Make sure to ask for the chicken sauce. It really completes the dish and adds a Singaporean flair to it.

 I also ordered the Garlic baked clam pasta with cheese, which was good. The dish, however did not set itself apart from the typical Hong Kong style café.

 I would like to be back for the Roast Duck Curry. But two huge thumbs up for the Hai nam chicken noodle soup!

Curry & B.B.Q. Plu$

9567 E Garvey Ave

South El Monte, CA 91733

*Side note: Many thanks to the infamous SinoSoul for the recommendation.

-Kristie H.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Curry & BBQ Plu$