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By Kristie Hang & Clarissa Wei

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La Vie –

 You definitely shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. That’s something I’ve learned from going to La Vie, a French/Vietnamese restaurant. Actually, it’s more like a French restaurant run by Vietnamese. There’s not actually Vietnamese dishes on the menu. I remember going to La Vie more than 10 years ago. Still, even today the place has not expanded. It has remained in its dinky parking lot, but the food has continued to be on point.

Start your meal off with unlimited french bread. Never preheated, they don’t throw your baguette into the oven until you ask for more. So, beware it may take a little longer than your average Coco’s or Denny’s to get your refill on bread.

Sweet pea soup, anyone? This delicious goodness tastes like sweet mother’s love. It also tastes like they dumped a whole stick of butter inside. Good for the stomach, maybe not so good for the heart. Foodette approved though!

The salad is always delicious as well. The bread, soup, and salad come with every meal no matter what dish you order. You also get a choice of free coffee ot tea at the end of your meal!

My choice for the night was their lobster tail, which was very tasty. They even gave me a bowl of butter to drip onto my prey.

For dessert, I went with the souffle. $7 I’ve very picky about desserts, especially souffles. Souffles need to melt in your mouth and have a frothy taste and feeling. Unfortunately, their souffle only comes in the plain vanilla flavor, which although delicious is not chocolate or coffee. I think my French places in Hong Kong still are Number One for me but have a try here! I’m just a chocolate addict.

For French food, La Vie is a really good deal. Each dish is about $20 give or take and unlimited bread is included. Don’t forget about the salad and tea or coffee they throw in as well. You will definitely need to make a reservation because the place is small so they have very limited seating. Simply a solid place, perfect for dates because of the dim lighting. For those a little clostphobic though beware. You are a little close to the person next to you.

Over the years I’ve also been a fan of their veil, lamb chops, filet mignon, and escargot. Give them a try!

La Vie

2547 San Gabriel Blvd

Rosemead, CA 91770

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