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By Eugene Webb

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Night of October Thirty-First is quite a scene;

For that’s the night we call Halloween.

Kids rollicking around in costumes of all kind;

With only Trick or Treat on their mind.

Halloween is a very scary night;

With witches on broomsticks in flight.

And kids running up and down the street;

You can hear them yelling, “Trick or Treat”.

Pranks and practical jokes are all in fun;

Halloween is really enjoyed by the young.

So on that night when your door bell rings;

It will be Trick or Treat that the kids will sing.

So I’m warning you to be aware;

For there will be kids everywhere.

Just fill their bag with something neat;

There will not be a trick, if you give’em a treat.

                 Eugene R. Webb, San Gabriel, CA


October the 31st is a very frightening night;

You must stay home and turn off all the lights.

Also I’m suggesting you picture this scene;

It’s one of the dirty tricks played on Halloween.

Day after a father called his three sons together; He said, “Who pushed the outhouse over;  especially in this terrible bad weather”?

Finally, the youngest son said, “He had did it”;

The Father said, “Then it’s you I have to whip”. Son said, “When George Washington cut down the Cherry tree he didn’t get hit”;

The Dad said, “Yeah, and his father wasn’t in it”.



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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.