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by Eugene R. Webb

I have a story that I would like to tell;
For I was a drunk driver as well.
So about alcohol I fully understand;
And believe me it doesn’t make a man.

When a person is out there drinking;
God only knows what they’re thinking.
I was the best driver that could ever be;
Nobody was going to take away my car keys.

I never ever thought I was doing a crime;
When I drove often stoned out of my mind.
Also I didn’t think about going to jail;
I truly believed I was an all-american male.

Social drinkers will not hang out in bars;
Nor do they get drunk and drive their cars.
I can tell you I am one grateful lucky guy;
With all my drinking I didn’t kill anyone or die.

There’s a lot of things I didn’t know while drinking;
I was shocked to find out I had stinking thinking.
And the old devil was in my pocket having a ball;
I slowly was losing everything because of alcohol.

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