News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.


by Eugene R. Webb

It started with Bill, his wife, Dena, and little Ben;
In California, Bill was my good friend.
He said there was a special place he wanted to go;
It turned out to be Twin Falls, Idaho.

Now this was a town I often praised;
For it was where I was born and raised.
It was in Kimberly, where the house they did find;
To our surprise, it was next door to a cousin of mine.

A beautiful yellow house, big as can be;
And as for the garages, there are three.
Four bedrooms upstairs with a fantastic view;
And a great big basement with more rooms, too.

The house is on an acre and a half that looks like a park;
Next door is a couple who I love, Nola and Clark.
On the other side, I hear, there’s a man who’s a pill;
Hopefully, the Young family can avoid this guy, Hill.

Just across the street lies a beautiful golf course;
Where they live, Dena can have her dream horse.
So like most of us, we can often recall,
That it is a small, small world after all.

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