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by Eugene R. Webb

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I do play cards with a guy I thought of as my friend;
But I certainly am not going to give him a gift again.
For his 79th Birthday I decided to give him the bird;
Now when I gave it to him he didn’t even say a word.

Now I know this is a man that has plenty of money;
This was a beautiful black crow, I wasn’t being funny.
It was a nice conversational piece, I liked it myself;
I had thought of keeping it and putting it on a shelf.

A few days later when I was able to get his attention;
“Don’t tell others I gave you the bird”, I did mention.
“My wife is scared to death of birds”, this he did say;
Then he said, “I threw it in the trash the very same day”.

He added I have to live with her, the bird looked real;
I’m still in shock and I can’t believe how they feel.
A gift is there’s to do whatever they choose with it;
Now that is how I use to think, but this was the pits.

My wife calls it a dust collector, that black crow;
With real smooth pretty black feathers it did glow.
I felt real lucky to have found that priceless gift;
Thinking it was one in a million and it’d give all a lift.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.