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by Eugene R. Webb

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There’s a lot of people who snore, it seems;
It’s so easy they can do it while they dream.
With an unlisted number all crank calls should end;
If you get one, at least you’ll know it’s from a friend.

Food costs keep going up more everyday;
But they keep saying it’s all bad for us anyway.
People still have faith in America, believe it or not;
For it’s thirty year loans that they have got.

It’s good the weather changes, now and then;
Or some people wouldn’t be able to talk to a friend.
If it takes a week to cure a cold, the doctor’s way;
Without a doctor it still takes only seven days.

One thing nice about cleaning out the attic, by far;
Don’t have to keep cleaning or make room for the car.
Only thing worse than sick kids when you are well;
Is when you are sick and the kids are doing swell.

Government takes away the taxes, is success today;
For it’s the amount you dreamed you earn anyway.
At twenty you can’t wait till tomorrow to come;
But after forty you feel like you’re all done.

It’s two classes of people we’ve got today;
The haves and the have nots, so the haves pay the way.
There was this nut, that was a true football believer;
His business wound up in the hands of a receiver.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.