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by Eugene R. Webb

August 19, 2006 to Mesa, Arizona we went;
To go tubing we were hell bent.
We wanted to be adventurous and have some fun;
So we floated down the Salt River under the sun.

The Salt River Tubing is known as the world’s best;
Just lay back relax and let the river do the rest.
However, you can cry, kick, scream, holler or cough;
But there’s only two spots that you can get off.

The entire trip took us four and half hours or so;
For there were times we moved rather slow.
I recommend getting out at “Bridge Number Two”;
Otherwise, you’ll think you’ll never get through.

As weekend tubers we didn’t get there any too soon;
And it was one beautiful lazy sunny afternoon.
Getting a sun burn we all had a good notion;
So most of us greased up with water-proof lotion.

We covered up, so we wouldn’t get a sun tan;
Aileen, myself, Jill, Gail, (the twins) Steve and Dan.
The weather couldn’t have been any better;
And we all were able to stick close together.

I must tell you that I have a real hunch;
That Aileen and I was the oldest in the bunch.
Thousands floating on the river was a sight to see;
Aileen hung on to my shorts and wouldn’t let go of me.

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